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Hartlepool Midweek League

Organised by the Hartlepool and District Bowling Association the Midweek Leagues consist of four divisions, usually played on a Monday or Tuesday.

JWP have 2 teams entered in the Hartlepool Midweek Leagues.

Currently JWP 'A' team play in Division 1 and JWP 'B' team play in Division 3.

The leagues play 4 rinks of two bowl triples contested over 21 ends.


Points are awarded:

  • 2pts for each winning rinks

  • 1pt for draw

  • 2pts for winning team overall total score

  • 1pt for level overall score

  • Maximum of 6pts

The Hartlepool Midweek Leagues have 4 divisions with promotion and relegation.


The top two teams are promoted to the higher division with the bottom 2 teams relegated to the lower division.

Matches are played on Monday or Tuesday evening commencing at 6.30pm

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