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1996 English Bowling Federation Club Champions Final at Skegness August 1996.

Back left to right: Trevor Hammond, Barry Young, Steven Cole, Bill Shand, Steve Davies, Norman Jones, Fred Robinson.


Front left to right: Colin Dixon, George Palmer, Sid Hodgson, Stewart Milner, Colin Moore, John Godfrey, Mark Jones.

2004 Cleveland County Club Champions

Left to Right

Steve Cole, Kevin Taylor, Mark Jones, John Fielding (Jnr), John Fielding (Snr), Steve Davies, Trevor Hammond, Bill Shand,Terry Lavery,Colin Moore, Stewart Milner, Sid Hodgson, Bert Adams.

2006 Cleveland County Club Champions

Left to Right

Sid Hodgson, Stewart Milner, Steve Davies, John Fielding(Jnr) John Fielding(Snr), Steve Cole, Les Dring, County President, Kevin Taylor, Terry Lavery, Bill Shand, George Palmer, Trevor Hammond, Colin Moore.

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