Green Opening Arrangements

Bowling Arrangements

The Green will be open for limited bowling under special arrangements.

Green 1 will have 3 rinks available.

Maximum of Four bowlers will be allowed to bowl on a rink.


2 Sessions per day Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons only.

Session times.....1.00pm to 2.30pm and 3.00pm to 4.30pm

Session rinks Must be pre booked

Members wishing to book must give contact details when arranging any booking.

To book Contact Mike Dixon tel 07887541615 or email:

Sessions must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Telephone Bookings can be made between 8.30am & 10am

Where possible All bowlers to be named when booking.

Important Information

Do not come to the green if you are experiencing any coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or a high temperature. For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups

Dress appropriately before you get to the club to avoid the need to change clothes – change shoes immediately before and after your game

Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your allocated booking time.

It is Mandatory that all Players have a personal hand sanitiser in their possession.

Face covering is Optional – Unless guidance changes.

The Pavilion is closed.

The disabled toilet is available for use only in an emergency. If you require the use of the toilet see the attendant.

You must sanitise using the spray and wipes provided. Instructions will be displayed in the toilet.

Please do not consume food. Drinks are permissible. All drinks bottles or cans must be disposed of.

Please follow any instructions given by the Green Attendant.

Arriving at Green

Please arrive No earlier than 15 minutes before allotted start time.

Use Finchale Avenue Entrance only

Please observe Social Distancing at all times

Please report to Green Attendant on arrival,

Sign in providing a contact number (Track and trace requirement)

Ensure you have your personal hand sanitiser.

Weather Conditions may determine if play is possible, a decision will be made by the Green Attendant.


Only use your own bowls and bowls equipment.

Please do not leave bags, bowls carriers, clothing or any personal possessions on the rink side.

Do not obstruct the footpath.

You will only need Mats and Jack.

No Pushers, scoreboard or chalk to be used.

Measures can be used but only by the owner of the measure.

If you use lifting aids, cloths or gloves make sure you keep them in your possession.

It is the responsibility of the designated player to collect mats and jack.

After play the designated player must sanitise mats and jack with the spray cleanser provided.


Designated player to collect mats and jack

Please sanitise your hand at beginning of each end and when necessary.

Please observe social distancing at all times.

Maximum of 4 players per rink. Single, 2 Player, 3 Player or 4 Player games.

To minimise the risk of any cross contamination players handling the mat and jack must sanitise hands after contact.

When changing ends all players to walk down their left side of green and maintain social distance.

Where possible shots shall be decided without the use of a measure.

Ensure your game is completed before your session end time.

At the end of the game it is the responsibility of the designated player to decontaminate mats and jack.

Leaving the Green

Ensure you have all your personal belongings, bowls, shoes and clothing.

Please dispose rubbish etc or take it home for disposal.

Follow the Exit signs directing you to leave via the Park gateway.


Stay Alert – Stay Safe

Social Distance.

Use your sanitiser every end and after handling the mat or jack.

Don’t handle anything that is not yours.

Follow Green Attendant’s instructions.

Do a mental risk assessment and use common sense.

Importantly Enjoy your Bowling

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